Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Denver, Colorado

When Colorado voters passed Amendment 20 in November 2000 they legalized the use of medical marijuana throughout the state of Colorado, including the Denver metro area.

Finally, patients who suffered from debilitating conditions (such as glaucoma, muscle spasms, chronic or severe pain, seizures, cancer and AIDS) could seek relief by using medical marijuana opposed to more dangerous prescriptions.

If you fall into this category you’ll be pleased to know that there are more than 300 medical marijuana providers, medical marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana clinics and medical marijuana stores located throughout Denver Metro and surrounding suburbs.

To qualify to legally use medical marijuana, you need to first obtain a medical marijuana registry card from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The yearly fee is $90 and you’ll need a physician referral as well as medical records documenting your condition.

Once you have the registry card, also known as an MMJ card or red license, you can legally purchase medical marijuana in grams, eights, quarters, ounces, even edible products.

While there are side effects to the use of medical marijuana, they can be less damaging than the side effects that come from over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications.

In particular, medical marijuana can help stimulate your appetite and curb nausea which can be helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Visit a medical marijuana store, clinic, provider, or dispensary near you and find out how you can start getting relief.


There are medical marijuana wellness centers, clinics, stores, dispensaries, and providers all across the Denver metro area, including Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, Aurora, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Westminster, Lakewood, Broomfield, Arvada, Brighton, Boulder, and Longmont.


Facts About Medical Marijuana – July 2013

Here are some facts about medical marijuana:

Marijuana, medical or recreational, continues to remain illegal under federal law; individuals participating in Colorado’s Medical Marijuana rights must do so knowing that they are violating federal law at their own risk.

Colorado does not offer reciprocity to any other States’ medical marijuana license; while states such as Montana, Rhode Island, Arizona, Delaware and Maine offer some type of reciprocity for Colorado MMJ patients

Colorado law permits possession of Medical Marijuana by a patient and their primary caregiver on behalf of the patient.

In November 2012, Colorado became the first state to legalize Marijuana followed by Washington State.

A registered medical marijuana patient has the right to grow six plants however only three of them may be mature at a time.

Medical Marijuana can benefits patients suffering from stomach diseases’ or aliments that cause pain or loss of appetite.

Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes, in Western medical practices, for the relief of ailments in patients since 2700 B.C.

More than a dozen states including the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Within 35 days of applying for a Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Card (a process handled by the Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment), you’ll either receive your card or be notified that you were denied an MMJ card.

For patients who don’t want to smoke, medical marijuana edibles are a great alternative.

Towns and cities throughout Colorado are now passing their own regulations on medical marijuana.

All patients who are permitted to use medical marijuana in Colorado are registered with the state health agency, a registry that’s completely confidential.

The fact that voters in the state of Colorado legalized medical marijuana 10 years ago, due to the rapid expansion of dispensaries, cities and towns across the state continue to struggle with how to regulate medical marijuana products.


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